Dietary Plan

At Bariatric Medicine Integrated, we offer customised weight loss and management plans for those patients who choose NOT to have surgical intervention. This includes techniques, dietary plans, behaviour modification and support. Success depends on your ability to follow guidelines for diet, exercise and lifestyle changes. With patience and determination to keep going no matter what, you can achieve your weight loss goals.

Losing weight will help you to live a healthier, longer and more fulfilling life, improve your health, increase your confidence, improve your mood and help you to feel more attractive and more energetic.

Our Programme:

  • Promotes safe and sustainable weight loss with medical supervision
  • Helps set realistic goals
  • Shows you how to make healthy food choices
  • Teaches you skills to prevent weight gain


Your first visit to the dietitian will be approximately 3 to 4 weeks prior to your scheduled surgery, and take between 45 to 60 minutes (it is longer for a pre- Bypass appointment). This is a compulsory visit which will include an assessment of your current diet and medical conditions. If you have not had your dietitian appointment you will not be allowed to have your surgery - it really is vitally important!

You will be provided with the appropriate information and tools to enable you to achieve your own nutritional goals, and be given all the information required to prepare for the 2 week Pre - Surgery Diet, and the first two to four weeks after surgery.

Three weeks after your surgery, you will come back for a follow up visit- where the dietitian will then focus on transitioning you onto the next stage of foods which you can consume.

Follow-up visits will include a review of your progress, provide additional information as needed and look at problem solving strategies to overcome any barriers to your goals.


These appointments are charged for on a private basis- and not covered by Medicare (unless you have an EPC from the GP).