Our Expert Team

  • Dr Andrew Kiyingi

    Dr. Andrew Kiyingi, Surgeon

    MBChB, DipSurgAnat, MSurg, FRACS

    Dr. Andrew Kiyingi is an Australian trained Specialist Weight-Loss (Bariatric) and General Surgeon. Following his training at St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne he was awarded Fellowship under the Royal Australian College of Surgeons in 2014.

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  • Dr Anton Kruger

    Dr. Anton Kruger


    Dr. Kruger has worked in numerous countries and has more than 29 years’ experience in general practice, emergency medicine and occupational medicine.

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  • Dr Paul Grolman

    Dr. Paul Grolman


    Dr. Grolman is currently works at Joondalup Health Campus as a Consultant in General Medicine and Intensive Care, and works twice a week at Bariatric Medicine Integrated Clinic

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  • Dr. Len Henson

    Dr. Len Henson

    MBChB LMCC Hons BSc (Pharm)

    Mr. Henson has over 29 years clinical experience. He is a partner here at BMI.

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  • Dr. Danel Conradie

    Dr. Danel Conradie

    General Practitioner

    Danel is originally from Ceres, South Africa and studied Medicine at the University of Stellenbosch. She graduated in 1998 and was a rural general practitioner for 10 years. In 2010 she was appointed acting medical manager of the Riversdale Hospital and Primary Health Care Service in the Western Cape.

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  • Dr. Sabrina Pozzi Langhi

    Dr. Sabrina Pozzi Langhi

    General Practitioner

    Dr Sabrina Pozzi Langhi is a highly skilled medical professional with extensive experience in various fields, including mental health, addiction medicine, women’s health, general surgery, weight management.

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  • Kerry Andersen

    Kerry Andersen


    Kerry has over 12 years clinical experience treating a wide range of medical and nutritional conditions including bariatric surgery,paediatrics,allergy intolerance and gut conditions.

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